Saturday, 12 September 2009

Mid September...

It's that time of year again, when you have to start tidying away arfter harvesting.
This is Raised Bed #1 which originally housed White & Red onions and Garlic over winter.  It then went on to cucumbers and leeks (the leeks you can just see at the top end) and finally swede (just out of the picture) and a couple of small squashes
This bed was originally home to a variety of salad stuff including Lettuce, Mizuna and rocket.  You can still see a final late sowing of lettuce there at the top left.  Then there were the cherry tomatoes that didn't get blight, some carrots that didn't really work and I also found home for 2 strawberry plants.  The Borage (still can't quite remember why I put that in!!) and the lettuce are all that remain.  This bed will house the onions and Garlic (crop rotation) later in the year.
This is all that is left of my bed closest to my greenhouse and shed.  This is where the peas, Roma tomatoes and sweetcorn were.
In there area were the Cara potatoes, more Tomatoes (the ones that got blight) and the sweetcorn plants.  As you can see it's now covered after getting a good digging over.
Last but not least is a little red chilli plant from Raised bed #3.  There are still about 3 chilli plants, four sweet pepers that are under cloches and spring cabbages and leeks at the top end.
There's lots more pottering around and tidying up to do, but Rome wasn't built in a day!