Sunday, 7 June 2009

Back from Miami (USA)

Did I mention that I was going to jet set off to Miami?

My hubby had to go on business, so I thought I better go and look after him.

Whilst I was doing that, the ever faithful Arthur was looking after my plot and greenhouse.

Bless him.

Whilst hubby was in a business meeting, I went shopping!
I was thinking about what to buy for Arthur to say "thank you" and was thinking of a nice baseball cap for him, when, as if by magic, I came across this stall in the shopping mall selling customised caps! What a stroke of luck!!

I chose a watering can with garden trowel & carrot design & added

"Delivery Boy" on top.
What a success it turned out to be!

I went to the allotment this morning to give him his cap, and he loves it! He put it on straight away.

And this is Les who has one of the most immaculate plots on site - he's about to try out my bike, but then realised that he hasn't riden one for 20 years + so decided against the idea!

I then went to 144 to start attacking the weeds, but after 20minutes I felt a little funny, so decided to go home.

It could be the jet lag or it could be the fact that I was (well the whole street was) woken up at 3am by a neighbour from further down my road & a taxi driver having a fight over a cab fare that went on for over an hour and resulted in the police (eventually) turning up despite 2 calls to 999 as the passenger/neighbour was beating the living daylights out of the taxi driver & making racist comments to him. Despite all this the taxi driver took it all and didn't fight back!

Anyway, I will have to let the weeds have their way today and tackle them later on in the week - Rome wasn't built in a day & my plots will therefore have to stay weedy.

Thanks again to Arthur - plot looker after extraordinaire!

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Maureen said...

Hi Ali, welcome back, I missed you. Lucky you jetting off, I hope you enjoyed it. Can I borrow Arthur please, I'll look after him !!and post a photo of him in his new cap soon.