Thursday, 2 April 2009

What a difference a day makes....24 little hours...

Yes, it was my day of yesterday, and I got organised and myself down to the lotty at 8.30am

As you can see from the first picture, all my little lovely seedlings are going to their new home - my GH

I was a very lucky girl yesterday and the COSMOS must have been looking after me, because I bumped straight into Derek our Lotty Fairy, and without allowing me to say NO he started to dig for me.

He dug and I de-rooted and de-stoned and look at this whopper! (not of the Burger King variety)

After a few hours hard work, and a couple of sore backs.....
I was able to plant pototaes, 2 rows of red onions, 2 of white, Autumn King Carrots and Parsnips!
These are my potatoes - Accent 1st earlies going in. I also planted my 2nd's Kestral and few Charlottes which I got given. I also measured out the space needed for my Maincrop so all my potatoes are together (planning in advance due to next years crop rotation you see!)

As you can see, I didn't dig long and labourious trenches, I simply used my bulb planter and popped them in. This was the tried and tested method that I used last year, which worked well and it's also mentioned in John Harrisons latest book - The Essential Allotment Guide - so it must be a good way to grow spuds!

Now this is my plot last year - April 2008

And this is my plot in April 2009!

It was the plot that no one else wanted - the overgrow, rubbish strewn plot by the fence that was anyones allotment nightmare - but not mine!

I even had time to organise the shed a little more! Please note the loo roll haha, just in case I need to use the toilet provided on site - lucky I was a Girl Guide in my youth as it's quite a challenge I can tell you!

That's it for today's report - hope you enjoyed reading it and the transformation taking place - there will be more to come as I have a wine an beer patio lounge planned next!


saratindall1977 said...

Great allotment and thanks for the potato planting tip. Nearly killed myself trenching for my earlies (grand maris) and was somewhat dreading a repeat performance for the 2nds and maincrop.

Seeing the transformation is encouraging - mine started in 08 under 4ft high weeds and it seems the roots refuse to be defeated! But as your allotment shows, slow and steady wins the prize.

Rachael said...

It's great isn't it - so satisfying. I bet you just want to stand and admire it now.. I certainly do!

Ali said...

Sara - yes it's a good tip and it's been double approved not only by me but by an allotment expert! Glad you like the lotty blog.

Rachel - yes it is REALLy satisfying to see it now and even more so when people comment on how nicely it has transformed. Thanks!

Maureen said...

Ali, I always enjoy your blog, but I am so envious of all those little helpers you have, do you think they might come and help me ??? seriously ! you have done so well in such a short time. Maybe when we are down your way, I will come and see it and have a cuppa in your new shed !
Have a great week-end.
maureen :)

Jill-O said...

You've done a great job cleaning up your plot. It looks lovely. I am crazu about your shed and want one like yours. I, too, was a Girl Scout (U.S. version) and know the value of keeping toilet paper handy, just in case. Be Prepared as the motto says.

Scattered Gardener said...

VERY impressed by how far on your seedlings are - who says size doesn't count, looks like you're heading for early crops this year.
Nice to hear it for the guides - we go camping for our summer holiday and it's always surprising to me what a high proportion of the mums round the fire in the evening used to belong. We like our fresh air and exercising our practical skills, don't we!