Monday, 30 March 2009

Tarting it up!

Yes, it's a fold away shelf.
It took me about 35 hours to assemble (slight exaggeration but that's what it felt like), because the instructions, like that of the main GH are written in a totally different language to English, and although it is spelt in English and looks like the English language, it reads like Japanese!

However I am proud of the final result as I had to practically disengage the roof from the walls twice - why don't they tell you this when you are putting the main frame together e.g. "just in case you are going to be adding some accessories, please remember to add a few extra slip bolts, before bolting the roof to the walls." Simple eh!

Now this is Nigel & Arthur's handy work. Nigel has created the frame and will kindly angle grind some paving slabs in half to fit the gaps and Arthur - my new best mate - carted a few wheel barrow loads of wood chip up from the other end of the plot for me. I say, I think it looks rather jolly!

I can't take all the credit for this FAB sign. Well I can for the painting but not for the wording. You see it's a copy. Not a fake, but a copy. My lovely co allotmenteer Mo gave me the idea, so for the original go to her site - Allotment Heaven & she kindly gave me her permission to use her idea too!
Mine is not finished yet. It needs some added je ne sais quoi. Watch this space!

Last but not least is my milk urn. My lovely Uncle Johnny Sporle painted this for me when I lived in Wales, and despite it's weight, I have always kept it close to home, from Carmarthen (well New Inn, Pencader) to Sutton to Chipstead to Streatham and now to Carshalton.
I think it makes a FAB and ORIGINAL plot marker - don't you?
Ta ta for now everyone - check back soon as I have done more digging today!!


Jayce Kay said...

Great sign and allotment number marker. ;-)

Nice job on the shelf.

maureen said...

Hi Ali, I love your new greenhouse, and the shed and the lovely milk churn, everything in fact. I think you have made a good move to your new plot. You are so lucky having all those helpers on your site, mind you people are helpful on ours as well, but yours seem extra special.
I am glad to see you have made the Trespasser sign, mine never fails to raise a smile. I don't know if you remember that Rosie was blown down by the wind? well she is back up now and looking good, I missed her on the plot.
Keep up the work it all looks fantastic.
Mo :)

Jeannette said...

It looks fantastic - you've done so much so quickly!!! It took me two years to get that far! Well done.

Know what you mean about the instructions - I don't think they're written by somebody who has every built greenhouses or their extras!

commoner said...

Next time you have to add something to the greenhouse, look for the special nuts and bolts that have a rectangular head so you can push them into the slot without needing access to the open end. I've seen them in bigger branches of Wilkinsons, and garden centres.

You are doing well this year!