Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Up and running and can't get enough of the Lotty!!

I managed to take my 1 hours lunch break at the lotty today.
The weather was beautifully warm and spring like, and my hop plants were taking up valuable space in my make shift greenhouse aka my utility room!

So off to the lotty we went and after a little digging, filling of holes with multi purpose compost bought from the Trading Hut of course - not like some other allotment holders I could mention that STILL insist on going to the garden centre and......

(spit the dog is in my mind now for some reason!!)

(a) driving there so more carbon footprints

(b) paying more (obviously got more money than sense as the Trading Hut is going to charge you less and we ALL know that!!) and

(c) annoying the committee members (at least 4 of us) who witnessed at least 3 bags of Garden Centre bought compost being lugged into the allotment!!! (who's not making any friends then eh??

Anyway back to the case in hand which is that I managed to plant my hops plants today, but I decided, as you can see from the pictures, to cloche them as there was a little frost last night!

And now for more news - exciting news.......

This is my new Lotty Watch -kindly given to me by my lovely Mother in Law who knows what I like! Isn't it super - it's already caused a stir around the plot, so I am bound to see a few more soon!


Mrs Jones said...

So excited for your new greenhouse (forgot to comment the other day!). I'm very jealous but I think I have to wait for mine.

Re. the compost, playing Devil's Advocate here - might they not have already had it at home bought, say, last year, before the Trading Hut exised? I know I've got a couple of unopened bags in my garden that I've had for several months....just sayin', like!

I spent a couple of hours at my plopment yesterday as it was so lovely, sowing parsnips and weeding my onion bed with a view to planting more onion sets today, but I've b*ggered my shoulder somehow and currently can't raise my right arm above my shoulder without shrieking in pain, so I'm going to have to rest it, which is a hell of a nuisance.

My word verification today is 'grainey' which is somehow appropriate (seeds, grains?)

It's kaz (boudicca) by the way, in case you're unsure who Mrs Jones is...

Ali said...

Hello Mrs Jones - the trading hut is new, but the old trading hut has been there for years and year - well before I joined, so no, she's just being awkward and likes to annoy others - I think that's her profession!!!
Really excited about the greenhouse and the shed!!!!! Oh tis like christmas is coming.

RAchael said...

Just wondering what you're planning to do with your hops? Are they for brewing beer, or making compost?

Ali said...

Hi RAchel,

I am going to dry the cones and make Hops Pillows from them - they help you to sleep better and they do work - I know cause I have one!

Ali :)

easygardener said...

Have you got female hop plants? We bought one years ago but unfortunately it must be a male plant because we have not had any hops appear - Drat! Should have read up about them first.

Ali said...

Hi EasyGardener - As far as I know they are all females! I hope so as the intention is not only to cover an unsightly border fence but to also use the cones/flowers for making pillows!
Fingers crossed eh!

Anonymous said...

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