Monday, 11 August 2008

Open Day Weekend

My weekend started off with some bad news, which my hubby told me about on Friday evening

He had to go into work on Saturday 9th and he was meant to take the weekend off.

This was quite a blow for me as it is our 10th & 4th anniversary this weekend - 10 years since we met (blind date) and 4 years since we married (6 year later but on the same day we met!)

Oh well- that's life!

There was only one thing to do - go down to the Lotty!!

I spent 4 hours + down there that morning and I was amazed at how quickly the time went.
I did a bit of this and a bit of that, but mainly, I dug up all my second Earlie's - Catriona - and look at this haul!

It is and will always will be, one of the best experiences ever - digging up potatoes.

When you think you have got them all - another one appears, and when you start on a new plant it never fails to surprise you with how many spuds are under there.

Spud - this is another name for the humble potato in the UK

The correct meaning of "spud" is that this word for potato comes from the digging of soil/hole prior to planting the potatoes. The word is of unknown origin and was originally (c. 1440) used as a term for a short knife or dagger. It subsequently transferred over to a variety of digging tools. Around 1845 it transferred over to the tuber itself.

One funny story (well I think it's funny) - my mother is Maltese and hadn't been living in the UK for long - heavily pregnant with me. She walked down the road to buy some potatoes (this was in the mid 60's) The chap in the shop told her "Sorry love, no potatoes today, only spuds," so she walked home - empty handed!!

Next on the list of things to do that Saturday, was to bake fairy cakes!

I have never baked before and being gluten free without a sweet tooth, I have not bothered to bake for myself, so this was a new experience for me. After getting covered in flour and licking the icing bowl clean, I managed to produce 24 little cakes.

So these fairy cakes along with 2 homemade jars of chutney were taken down to the Lotty on the Sunday. Donations would be asked for if you wanted a tea, coffee, soft drink, cake or indeed some lovely vegetables and the money donated would go to the Mayors chosen charity which is a great cause -

So, that was pretty much it for Saturday - I was exhausted!
Sunday now, and fingers crossed for the weather. I woke up to find myself quite excited at the prospect of the Open Day.

I went along at around 10am to help where I was needed. I helped to erect the two gazebo's (good thing I was a girl guide!!) and set up some tables. However I had to leave after 1 hour as we were expecting Hubby's Mum (aka the armchair gardener) and her boyfriend Richard who were travelling up from Ferring as they hadn't seen (but heard alot and are avid followers of this blog) my allotment!

They arrived at 12 and we ate a lovely lunch at 1, and at 2pm we strolled to the Lotty. After a walk around one half of the Lotty, the Mayor & Mayoress arrived.
We all gathered around, and he gave a lovely speech - not too long and not too short-just right ...

And now for the best bit - SURPRISE - Derek Cousins, our very own bramble fairy's name was called out by the Mayor himself!!

We all knew about this, but of course Derek didn't have a clue! He was awarded a signed and framed Arsenal Football Team Shirt for ALL the help that he has given fellow allotmenteers over the years - The look of shock on his face!

The signed Arsenal Shirt

This is Mavis- my plotty neighbour & our "Leader" looking radiant after her morning nerves

The Mayor & Mayoress were then presented with a box of Allotment grown veg - by the look on the Mayors face, the box was quite a weight!!

This is Nigel and me - do you like my "Lotty" T- Shirt?? It makes me look more "knowledgeable" than I actually am!!

And last but not least - The Committee

From left to right - Arthur, Nigel, John, Mavis, Carl, Paul and of course Dr. Doom in the front row.

My thanks, and I am sure the thanks of many others, goes to these wonderful people, who organised such a fantastic day - including the weather!!


easygardener said...

it's good to see a thriving allotment association.
About the piccalilli - the mustard sauce should be fine - basically mustard is providing colour and a hot spiciness so your alternative should work just as well. Good luck with it!

commoner said...

Wow, I'm impressed by your Open Day. We can't muster even a councillor for ours, let alone the Mayor! And I think our vegetable show will consist of a plate of peas and an onion or two... Ho hum. Well done your lot!

RHIANNON said...

looks like you had a great open day with lots of fun. I had an interesting open day on sunday at our site I found that people could only see my plot if I was there to explain myself - take the shame as an untidy allotmenteer!
You would love the scarecrows that all came out for the day, I plan to put them in a photo post soon.