Thursday, 7 August 2008

My favourite Lotty Pics.....

My fav lotty pics
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These are some of my favourite Lotty pics - they all tell a story.....

Starting top left (and then go clockwise) -

The 142 sign in the snow, a cold day that didn't keep me away from the lotty.

This is me digging and preparing my final bed, which is where my potatoes went in, and since then Courgettes, Pumpkins, Buttnernut Squash, Cucumbers & Peas!

Next is the lovely Sunset - enough said.

Next is my Courgette flower, or is it a Pumpkin flower? Anyway it's so nice I use it for my wallpaper on my computer screen as it reminds me of mother nature herself.

Ah, the rickety old shed that I was hoping to restore - just a distant dream.

Carl our site rep, kindly posing with my Twirly that is now protecting his cabbage patch.

This old bucket - discarded and now unloved - how many times was it filled with water to help quench the thirst of the plants, or other items such as freshly picked veggies?

Then it's Daisy & Mo given to me by my lovely Mother in Law.

My wonderful husband Ian, who kindly helped to transport Hilda in his Smart Car to the Lotty - he deserved a cuddle from her after that!

Next is the fantastic Derek and his doggie Laddie - I don't need to say any more about Derek as I am sure you all know him well by now!

This is me with my first potato harvest - a truly monumental moment in Lotty Life!

And last by not least - my reward - green fingers at last !

Finally and to the Centre fo the picture - the centre stage of Plot 142 is dear Tatty Boggie Gump

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Kanak Hagjer said...

Ali, really nice photos! The gardening bug has got you right and proper. And you look so happy!

My net connection acted up again which is why I couldn't answer your comments(on my blog) sooner. But meeting somebody like you who loves India so much is a great feeling! Have a lovely gardening week!