Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I'm at it again.....

.....Yes, making more chutney!
This time the recipe is thanks to "Greenforks" and you can view and of coursefollow the recipe for yourselves by clicking here
I adapted the recipe slightly. I used a yellow courgette, added a diced kohlrabi and used spring onions instead of normal onions (oh er Mrs.) as these were all the veg that I had to hand. I did use the apples that my husband said were past their best, and I omitted the raisins because (a) I didn't have any and (b) I can't stand them! So it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I did get many a nice comment about the lovely aroma filling the house during cooking, so that's a good sign!
I got 6 small jars worth, following the recipe to the weights stated but swopping ingredients listed to what I had available from my Lotty.

Well, the end results are what I am looking forward to sampling !!

All my chutneys are Gluten Free, Veggie & Vegan!

To make yours Gluten Free, simply swap the Malt Vinegar for White Wine Vinegar.


Ro said...

I had seen the previous chutney post and wondered if you were going to share a recipe or a link to a recipe and voila! I am still at trying to be successful at growing a garden mode, and haven't come anywhere near to considering making my own chutney. That will have to change of course. Now the seed is planted!

Lucy Corrander said...

Have just dropped by from Blotanical - having been attracted by the name of your blog and thought I would say 'hello' - so . . . . 'hello'!

Lucy Corrander