Sunday, 25 May 2008

An unplanned trip.......

An unexpected trip to the lotty today as the weather forecast was for rain, rain and more rain.
Well it did rain - but overnight and early morning. As my neighbour explained ...

Rain before 7, fine by 11 - and she was right.

Ian (hubby extrodinaire) decided to accompany me to the lotty this morning for a quick look as we have to site Mrs. Scarecrow soon.

I noticed whilst we were there, that the cucmber plant had outgrown her little wigwam, so we headed to the shop for some taller canes.

As you can see it is very well stocked & you can go there just for a chat & sit down if you want to , although I always find that I end up buying something!

The weather hadn't improved a great deal, so we went home again. An hour later and it was bright sunshine all the way, so I returned.

I weeded Bed 3 where the Brussels & Brocolli are. What a job. I had to lift all the netting and then be very careful when weeding the right hand side as Susan's potatoes have by some freak of nature, nearly taken over the path way, so I did this side standing up, not using the kneeler as I normally would. This bed done, and looking good, I weeded Bed 4 where the pumpkins, butternut squash, courgettes and baby cucumber live. Once this was done, I re- caned baby cucumber and she looks much happier now, so much so that she is producing more cucumbers for me and Ian to eat - lovely - I can't wait as they are so full of flavour.

I then went on to weed Bed 1 - so that's all my weeding done for a short (and I probably mean short) while now.

This is the ladybird house which was purchased yesterday. I have put this in Bed 1 as this is the closest bed to Mavis's Beans bed which seem to have a blackfly problem. Maybe I should have just put it in her bean bed?

And this is my herb trough which I planted up yesterday.

As you can see (from left to right) there is Basil, Mint, Rosemerry, Corriander & chives.

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jeanie oliver said...

I tagged you for a meme challenge from one of my other garden blog friends. You can go to my O'z Ark blog to check the rules. you don't have to play but you will at least get to read 6 random things about me!