Thursday, 22 May 2008

Preparing the Runner Bean bed on 144

Plot 144
After finishing of the small 1ft. area that backs onto Paul's plot (where the shed will eventually go) I decided that as this area was originally intended for the runner bean wig wam I had better find another area to cultivate.

Unfortunately I hit a small problem! Yes, I got "Forked". As you can see, I must have hit something solid. As I was a Girl Guide in my youth, I decided to crack on and after having found a new location, I started to clear a large enough area for the Runner Bean Wigwam to go.

This is the humble begining of the Runner Bean Bed

Fortunately for me - Derek - one of our lotty heroes came to my rescue with his ancient mis shaped spade and after a can of Ginger Beer and 2 penguin chocolate biscuits that I just happened to have in my handy little lotty bag, he "Dug for Ali"

This is Derek - an amazing man who has so much energy in him and is adorable as you can see.

After Derek dug, I pulled out the old roots that had surfaced and worked the lovely "virgin" soil to a fine tilth, and the picture below shows the end result.

Shortly after I had finished (I spent around 4 hours there in total this afternoon) Carl - another of our lotty heroes - popped through the gates and started to discuss, not only the chopping up of the tree trunks etc. now that Nigel - yet another lotty hero - is feeling better (dodgy back) but also the burning of what is there as he now thinks its dry enough, so that will make a HUGE difference to me and to plot 144.

We are so so lucky at Stanley Road Allotments to have the likes of Derek, Carl, Nigel & others "The Lotty Hero's" who very generously share their wisdom, time and knowledge with us fledgling lotty people. I can never thank them enough.
I only hope that one day I will be able to return to them, the favours that I have recieved so far.

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