Monday, 12 May 2008

Lovely Sunday at Lotty with Tatty

Yes, I returned to the lotty on Sunday morning - quite early in fact, to avoid the heat of the day. I arrived at around 8.30 and got weeding. There were not a lot of people around so it was easy to get on and get those dastardly weeds out. It was tricky and delicate work in the beetroot & radish bed (Bed 1). I also thinned out my beetroot. I hope they grow extra quickly as I love to eat beetroot, and have never ever eaten home grown! Mine normally comes from Waitrose or Sainsburys.

As I was about to leave at around 1030, guess who turned up?

Yes- you guessed - it was the laughing Jamaicans - Perry & George

Perry & George

George & Me with Perry & George's log !!

I went home and returned at around 3 in the afternoon to finish of my half weeded bed and then again at 7.30pm when it had cooled right down to water the little darlings. I am pleased to say that my net frame design works well as I can lift all the hanging down nets over to the top of the frame for easy watering!

And finally........

This is a picture of Derek hard at work - he has got a great tan!


jeanie oliver said...

I have been keeping up with you over here in the USA! I don't know if you have Wal-mart over there but my husband is taking me today to pick up my long list of "supplies" for my plants.
Jeanie Oliver

Ali said...

Hey Jeanie, Nice to hear from you again all the way from the USA! How are you doing? I hope all is well? I have heard of Wal-Mart but I think we have ASDA instead. We have a lovely local nursery very close to my home - take a look -
It's a wonderful suppliers / nursery dedicated to gardening. We also have a very good shop at the allotment itself! I hope you have fun at Wal-mart.


Eddie 2-Sox said...

Great work, three visits in one day! Bravo!

jeanie oliver said...

I have to complain to someone!
I lost 42 lovely plants to those darn rabbits. We put Rebel the dog in the enclosed garden. He took care of the problem, but now have family members who are upset that I would condone the natural demise of the rabbit!!