Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Ali & the Beanstalk.......

Ooopss sorry - the Courgette seedling!

Well I couldn't believe my eyes - just take a look at this little seedling. It's a wonder that I didn't have to trans "pot" it to a larger pot earlier.......

Oh dear, that is the wrong photo,

that is the baby one, I meant to

show you this photo - Isn't it a BEAST!

I cannot believe that they were planted at the same time (give or take a second or two) on the same day etc. etc. and the difference is so huge.

Well, since having gone to the allotment on Sunday and putting the finishing touches to the potato plot e.g. raking it over etc., I did little more than help Susan to pack away the enormous amounts of black ground sheet covering along with detatching all the pegs, and chat to fellow allotmenteers of course, as always! I like to go for a walk around to see whats going on. That way you bump into people and get to know a few more faces.

I went to B&Q today, only planning on getting some more 3 inch plastic pots - well £50 later and I managed to get out in one piece! I bought some 3 inch fibre pots, a HUGE tray to keep all the 3 inch pots in once place (see picture below) and another poly tunnel, but this one is a fleece one and it's bigger and was alot cheaper than the ones I bought in Woodcote the other day. I might go back and get another one. I also bought a sheet of netting/fleece, which I have cut into 2 & half foot height & sewed together with my singer sowing machine (one of the ones with the turny around handle) This will be to put around bamboo's (I am going to sew the fleece to the bamboos) so that my carrots will be protected. Oh! I also bought some French Marigolds and a small tray of Sweet Peas, as I love Sweet Peas, and I only have 9 plants growing.

This lot will have to stay outside (hopefully in the sunshine) as I am fast running out of space, so much so that I think come rain or shine, some of my little seedlings will have to go down the road this weekend.......

Here they all are - enjoying the sunshine today. The wind was a bit fierce, but they seem fine!

And finally, this is the latest picture of my utility room. You can see that half the sink is missing and the grow bag tray was the only solution!

My next project is to build a Scarecrow! I was thinking of be-heading one of my Teddy Bears, but that would be a bit cruel, so I will have to think of something else - any suggestions welcome!

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