Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Potato Plot

I decided to brave the elements today and visit the lotty. My intention was to have a snoop around as I like to do, and chat with some of the other and more experienced allotmenteers there, but I decided, probably against all medical advice (due to a recent operation) to have a "light" dig.
So off I went, with my RED trug (to match my wellies of course) which I filled with my newly bought double ended hoe/fork thingy, my wind up radio (blue) which you can just see to the left of the picture along with my cupflask of tick tock no caffeine tea (very thirst quenching) a rubbish bag and finally my GARDEN CLAW which I would not be without.

Around 3 hours, 1 flask of tick tock tea, a few chats with the "locals", one visit from Hubby / camera man & 1 blister & a slightly sore back later and this is the end result!

I am VERY proud of achieving that today, and with no further injury to myself too!

(For those of you that don't know, I had a cyst removed from my groin. Once the stitches came out it got infected and the wound opened up - 2 weeks of daily visits to the docs / nurses and it is finally "bonding" and healing nicely thank you)

A fellow allotment chappy kindly showed me the trick to opening the padlock, which up to now I have found VERY difficult to open, but I now know the trick to it. One of my chats today was with neighbour Mavis. She thinks it's too wet to put spuds in just yet, and as I was planning to put mine in tomorrow, I might just hold off - she has afterall had 3o years experience!


My courgettes have just started to show themselves - how very exciting !

How very exciting indeed. There are a few small mounds appearing over the seed tray now, so that could be more little baby courgette plants trying to force themselves free. I can't wait to see them grow bigger & bigger.
I feel like a little kid at christmas with 100,000 presents to open!

Keep tuned......