Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Potato Progress & Seed Rescue

Look what I found when I went down to the Allotment today!

Yes, I have Potato Progress

I decided that I would be able to pay more attention to my Tomato & Courgette sowings if they were in my utility room.  That's due to these April Showers of course and the inability to get to the Greenhouse without getting soaked, so here there are at home!

My Cucino Seeds have Germinated

Well 2 out of 4 did so 50% isn't bad and I am looking forward to all the baby Cucumbers that they will produce.


Lesley Beeton said...

My potatoes are also coming up :-)

I know what you mean about getting wet going to the greenhouse, but I don't have space in the house!

Great progress.

Lesley x.

Plot 42Eand 42W said...

Things are coming on in your spud contest, im still waiting for mine to show face. some of the other seeds are coming through but not as good as last year,finger crossed it all improves.

Ali said...

Thanks to you both - I must try to get down to the Lotty to check on Mr Potato as he's in the Greenhouse!! Obviously not getting any water with this rain. (is that cheating?)