Saturday, 7 May 2011

Another visit to the greenhouse .......

These are Baby Sweetcorns - you know the ones you find in Chinese Stir Fries?  I haven't grown them before so it will be interesting to see what happens.  Not only have they been in the greenhouse, but I was advised by the writing on the seed packet to put a cloche over them, and this is what the result is so far!

Yesterday I found one carrot seed germinating, but today there were mor than a dozen in the hessian sack that I have bought especially for the reason of growing carrots, as I have had no luck with them at all outside!
These are the Sweet Peppers & Chilli's (on the right) and the leeks in toilet rolls on the left
Here are the "normal" sweetcorn - I am not sure whether I should block plant them or put them in a row again?  I did one of each last year and under the block I put in butternut squash which worked well, so I might try that again.

Now compared to yesterday I am really impressed witht he progress of the Butternut Squash plants - amazing how much they grow in one night!


Anonymous said...

I think you should plant your sweetcorn in blocks - that is the accepted convention because they are wind pollinated and planting in a block means a better result.


Ali said...

Thanks Carole,

I did both a row and block last year and both were equally succesful! One of the old boys further down our site always plants his in a row and his are always a great sucess!!

Decisions, Decisions!!