Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lack of rain.....

....meant lots of watering today and with a dribble coming from the hose it was going to be a long hard slog, but I managed to water all that was planted in the plot.

However I did have my son Junior with me, so I had to make sure that he had lots to do too, so after he watererd his plot, I asked him to water my triangle of peas, then I sent him to the shop a few times asking for prices of canes etc. so he was back and forth and he seemed very content.

Watering the Broad Beans (2nd planting)

The Runner Beans are doing well

Junior helping to even out the new heap of grass thrown on the compost

Junior also helped me to erect a wire fence in between the row (not the triangle) of peas as they were getting very big and in fear of getting blown over now!!

I did want to attempt some weeding but the ground is TOO hard! well that's my excuse anyway!!

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