Friday, 4 March 2011

More preparation work!

It was bitterly cold today, but the sun kept on threatening to come out, so I did the same and went out myself, to the allotment, with the intention of a tidy up and nothing much more than that really, but it was so cold when I arrived, that I locked myself in the greenhouse, out of the wind and ended up sowing a load of peas.....

After a while I braved the cold and re dug over a piece of ground close to the shed & greenhouse - this is where the onions and garlic where last year.  I then had a lesson in raking - I needed one as I never ever get my ground level!!

So a couple of hours - including chatting to the boys,  or I should really say men, well spent!


maureen said...

Hi Ali
Isn't it great to be back into the sowing season ? I have loads on the go all over the windowsills and it's amazing how quick they are germinating.
Your raked bed looks very good, send one of the 'boys' over to me will you !!!
M xx

Chef_uk said...

It was surprisingly warm in the greenhouse today :) but outside was cold wasn't it. My little lad was helping me remove stones from the carrot bed and he's now poorly with a cold :( Has this Spring been one of the coldest?

Ellie said...

It sure looks good! March is always an interesting month. It can be really cold but yet you have to get started because the weather can change suddenly. One week it is 5C and bitterly cold, the next week it is 15C with glorious sunshine. I did a couple of hours as well yesterday. Cold, but rewarding!


The Flower Garden said...

It's good to get going isn't it we've been pea sowing too.
Jo x