Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Fruits, Frogs & Flying Ants!!

Well what a week this has been!

Firstly I will start off with the Fruit Trees, as I haven't blogged about them much lately.

Above is the Apple,
below is the pear and

 this is the Plum (just in case you hadn't guessed already!)
They all seem to be doing well and their fruits are swelling nicely.

Now for the horrible bit. 
I decided that I needed more room in the Greenhouse, so I put one of my aubergine plants out to play in the Sweet Potato Suite as I believe it will have a similar enviroment to the Greenhouse one and it won't distrub the Sweet Potatoes, which as you can see are doing very well.

Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, a fellow allotmenteer noticed that I had a Flying Ant invasion!

There were everywhere!
However the next day (today) they are nowhere to be seen!!

I harvested my 1st Earlies earlier on in the week (Pentland Javelin) and after sitting on the shed floor for a day or two, to protect them from the rain, they came home, accompanied by 2 lovely looking courgettes.

My neighbours Artichoke had flowered so I had to take a picture of it's splendor.

And this little chap, I rescued from being entangled in a courgette flower.

And finally, when I watered the sweet peppers in the greenhouse today I spotted this Frog.
I am informed on the highest authority (aka AllotmentMate on Twitter) that it is indeed a Frog and not a Toad.
I am very lucky to have a resident Frog in my greenhouse and I hope he stays there for some time!


Damo said...

That artichoke flower is amazing, I didn't realise they flowered like that, on my 'to grow' list.

Rachael said...

apparently, flying ants are just ordinary ants, which grow wings in July and August and then fly off to start a new nest somewhere else: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7525028.stm tells you all about it!

Ali said...

Hi Damo - I have seen them flower before but hadn't seen one for such a long time - I was stunned by it's beauty!

Thanks Rachael - that link was SO interesting. Next time it happens I will sound like I know my stuff!!