Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Patio is finished!

Thanks to my lovely husband, who took time out to come to the allotment and put in some sweat building hard work in the heat, my patio is finished!

Due to the unlevel and rock hard ground laying more slabs was nearly impossible, so I came up with the idea of putting down some wood chips which we (SRAGS members) can get for free by the Allotment gate as big piles of the stuff are dumped there by the council, so just bag it up or fill your wheelbarrow and take it away!

I love the combination of the patio slabs AND the wood chippings.  The wood chips have hidden up all the unsightly little nooks and crannies and I even had enough to put some between the shed and the greenhouse to tidy that up as well!

I am so pleased with the end result, so a big thank you to my lovely husband for all his hard work today!

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Anonymous said...

It looks lovely!!! You fancy coming and doing mine!!!