Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sowing the seeds.....

....of delicious vegetables

Well here they are, ready for sowing in March - I did check - it's the 4th March today so that's good!
On the list:

  • dwarf french beans
  • tomatoes (3 different varieties)
  • broad beans
  • sweet peppers (2 different varieties) &
  • chillies
So in went the Broad Beans

I did cover them up after I took the picture!

Ah the "super seeder."  I thought I had a good buy here at £4 it could save me time and patience.  According to the packet, I wouldn't be picking tiny little seeds from my palm and squinting to see if I had just the one seed ready to drop in the hole.  Ha! What a load of poppycock - you could only gain success if you had the right sized seed.  If it was too small e.g. tomatoes - then you got 2 or even 3 per hole.  If you had too large a seed e.g. sweet pepper, then they got stuck.
So £4 down the drain as far as I am concerned - could have bought a G & T with that money!!

Anyway, enough moaning....

My utility room is looking rather splendid

And I have remembered to label them all up properly this year, so no mistakes are made or guessing games to be played once the little plants start to pop out.

I am now going to watch Larkrise to Candleford - recorded from Sunday's transmission
& Crochet a few more granny squares.
I know I should go to the allotment to dig, but I was told by  one of the old boys that the ground is still very wet and heavy, and i don't have the strength.


Kella said...

Ha, I did some sowing today too.

And I'm another Larkrise fan too :)

Ali said...

Snap then!

Unfortunately our DVD player is now dead so I can't watch Larkrise! However Midsomer Murders is just about to start! :0)

maureen said...

Ha Ha me too! I sowed some seeds, gave my cabbages that overwintered in the lottie greenhouse some fresh compost, and yes I am a Larkrise fan as well :) :)

Jo said...

I must be the odd one out. I don't watch Larkrise or Midsome Murders. It's great to finally start seed sowing, I've got lots more to do at the weekend.