Wednesday, 24 March 2010

More Jobs done....

Hello blog readers! Nice to have you back again.

I started with plot 121 today as it needed weeding.  I hoed away to my hearts content between the onions and the garlic, chatting to Brian on the other half of 121 at the same time (he's already dug his half all over and is putting in peas!!) when I hear this voice calling me, so I looked up and there was the lovely Ron asking me if I would like a cup of tea! Bless his cotton socks!

After a lovely cup of tea, I had to get on, things to do, people to see, plants to pot on etc, you know how it is, so I toodled on up to 144 and made a start in the Green House.

I potted on the Dwarf French Beans as I was advised that as we could still get a frost not to put them outside just yet.

Watered the peas which are all looking healthy

Noticed that Arthurs Cos Lettuces are making an appearance

Potted on the Courgettes which have really grown so they are in nice big pots

The Chilli plants are now in their new homes &

The Green House Leeks are getting there!!

I then decided to plant out the Broad Beans that I put into Root Trainers on the 4th March, so they are 3 weeks old tomorrow.  Starting life in my utility room, progressing to my Greenhouse whilst its not been heated they have done well, as you can see from the good root growth in these photos.

I then completed the job by filling in all the gaps in the Broad Bean Bed - the BBB!

So it's all looking rather splendid!

I hope you don't miss me and my blog whilst I am incapacitated.  I will be going to the allotment, but only when my husband can drive me down there and only when he agrees to doing a few jobs for me, so please send good vibes his way e.g. "take her to the allotment & do the jobs she needs, take her to the allotment and do the jobs she needs, take her to....."  ok you get the drift!

Until my next blog, take care of you!


Mark N said...

Good luck. And if Mr Ali reads this, take her to the allotment and do the jobs she needs! :) said...

looks like your having a great start to the season- im jealous :)

Maureen said...

Those root trainers are great aren't they ? I wouldn't be without them. You have planted your courgettes very early, mine all say April onwards on the packets. I want your lottie neighbours they look such a lovely crowd. All the very best for tomorrow Ali, I will be thinking of you. M x

maureen said...

Please Please Please Mr C take Ali to the allotment sit her in the shed to rest, and then PLEASE do as she instructs you.M x

keewee said...

All those lovely veggies ready to be placed outside.
How nice to have someone make tea for you. I think having an allotment and being able to chat with other gardeners would be nice. I just get to chat with the rabbits, as they look longingly through the fence at the veggies.

Ali said...

Mark, I will get my husband to the allotment and instruct him on what to do!

allotment holder - yes I had a good start, but now with foot op I have to take a step back for at least 2 weeks and rely on the help of others!

Maureen - I love root trainers, but find them a little delicate when pulling apart so always careful. Courgettes - packet said "sow indoors in March!" & yes I will get hubby to allotment next week!

Keewee - I love this time of year seeing things grow from a tiny seed into a small plant and then a big plant and then producing fruit!! The allotment i am at has a great community spirit, but I like rabbits too!

Kella said...

Wow! steaming ahead.