Monday, 6 July 2009

The triffid cucumber plant and more.....

As you already know by now, it was my birthday this weekend, and as there was lots planned, the allotment was visited briefly, but not as fully as would have been on a normal weekend, with good weather to boot!
I went to water on Friday morning before my lovely trip to MERL (see previous post) and I also went on Saturday morning and watered both plots before driving down to Ferring where I was treated to a lovely Birthday lunch by my lovely Mother in Law and her Partner Richard.
On Sunday morning my nasty neighbour had beaten me to it on the hose pipe, so I watered by watering can, which was handy anyway, as I had to feed the Tomatoes, Cucumbers & courgettes etc. (maybe that's why they are all turning into Triffids??) but I have to leave by 9.30 am as I had another fun packed day to get through......
The Triffid Cucumber plant....

This "growth"literally happened overnight.

Fortunately for me, Nigel popped his head through the greenhouse door and suggested that I took out one of the staging trays - that then meant that I could put the triffid cucumber, which was by this time growing out of the greenhouse door, on the floor and with a little addition of a piece of string to climb up, that's one happy cucumber plant! (there are about 6 others in there - a mixture of normal and "picollino" or snack cucumbers.

Now this is one of my Tomatoes - Tomato Roma in fact. These plants are in the greenhouse and are doing very very well indeed. They are now getting fed twice a week, as are the squashes, cucumbers, chilli's, sweetpeppers etc.

This is lot 4 of peas - the others outside are either still growing or I have eaten them! Delicious

And this is a chilli that appeared overnight! There is also one, just as big on the plant thats outside!!

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Mrs Jones said...

Wow - I'm impressed with your toms! I'm growing all my cucumbers outside up bamboo wigwams. There's Telegraph, Marketmore, Gherkins and Crystal Lemon but they're all either a couple of inches tall or about a foot tall. I have about a dozen chilli plants in my plastichouse of different varieties but no flowers yet, never mind chillies!

ReapWhatYouGrow said...

Wow - can't believe that cucumber! Sometimes you wish you were there to see them grow - but somehow it is always when you aren't looking.

You are taking such good care of those plants - you must be a natural. Mine are lucky to get a once weekly look over, let alone feed or water. Fortunately today, the skies took over the watering duties!