Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mid July Update photo's

The courgettes are coming!!!

I love the look of these yellow ones.

Will have to get my "what do I do with all thosse courgettes" book out very soon

Ahhh! You've caught me at it - tea break time!!

And finally a lovely flower that I saw on the plot behind me 144a - isn't it fantastic?

I have been working down there too - mainly watering the greenhouse, due to all the recent rain, it hasn't been worth watering the plot, although I did give the outside cucumbers and marrows a little drink this morning.
Plot 121 is FULL of sprouting brambles - I was shocked when I saw how they have returned!! I will have to tackle them tomorrow.
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keewee said...

I like to saute the courgettes in butter with onion, and towards the end throw in some sliced tomato.

ReapWhatYouGrow said...

Aha, now I know why the courgette recipes will come in handy! Brace yourself for ratatouille, quiche, gratin etc etc. Eat and eat them until you cannot bear to look at another, until next year that is.

Ali said...

Fortunately for me I love courgettes and so does hubby. We also love marrow, butternut squash & pumpkins which is also good news because I think I was over enthusiastic when planting out the seedlings!!

Callum said...

Wow, you've certainly been busy in your lotty! I tried to grow some courgettes on my balcony last year in pots. The thirsty things grew very well, but developed leaf mildew. They take up a lot of room, so not the best vegetable for me on a balcony, but these all look amazing - congratulations and keep it up!