Sunday, 19 July 2009

Mid July on 144 & 121....

The weather here in Surrey was ultra dodgy this weekend, and 121 desperately needed a good weeding - brambles had sprouted up all over the place and were getting bigger by the minute, so drastic action was needed.
I "borrowed" my husbands dandelion weeder and got the buggers out by their roots. I was hard work but someone had to do it - ME!!
My Toms on 121 are enjoying a brief spell of sunshine.

Staying on plot 121, here are the sweetcorn that Joel helped me to plant a few weeks ago. They are all very healthy looking plants and I can't wait to munch into them with butter dripping down my chin - Mmmmm!

And still on 121 - this is my very very 1st Butternut Squash! I am so proud and there will be more to come because I planted about 8 plants and on average I think you get 10 fruits (or shoudl that be veg??) to a plant so I will be in Butternut Squash heaven soon.
This is the harvest I brought home, a Marrow which I will probably stuff as usual Maltese Style as its such a scrumptious meal, two Summber Ball courgettes, two "normall" courgettes, one of which we roasted and one I gave to a neighbour in a swap for some eggs, a snack cucumber which is in the fridge, french beans, half in the fridge and half for an egg swap and a Chilli!(it's there somewhere)

Pictured in the greenhouse are the summer ball courgettes, snack cucumber & french beans - my Happy Vegetables

And this was before the french beans were picked!
More news is that Arthur, the delivery boy, has unfortunately not been all that well this week, bless his cottton socks, so he is on orders to take it easy, but he still found time to make sure that the old greenhouse heater that I was given was in full working order - he even showed me how to adjust the wicks, light it and get it all going properly, so come the winter I have a snuggly greenhouse!
I was also honoured to be invited to the Trading Hut for Saturday morning coffee, even though I haven't been on shop duties for a while now, but a few are coming up in August.
I have also been busy collating recipes from our SRAGS members, some of which have been posted on the website - mainly courgette recipes, just in time for the courgette glut that is soon to come - go take a look, they are a great way to use variety for one of the same veg! You won't get bored eating courgettes!!
And don't forget to treat yourself and pop to my guest blog on this great website Fennel & Fern


dinzie said...

A great looking harvest :O) Could certainly do with some more Courgette and marrow recipes :O)


Maureen said...

Hi Ali, I saw your guest blogspot on Fennel & Fern and thought it was excellent advice. Also I was going to ask you if you were having trouble with the music on your blog ? and then spotted the same message about licensing agreements that I got on mine. Oh well, silence is golden so they say !!!!

Ali said...

Hi Dinzie - I posted some new courgette recipes today!
Hi Mo - thanks for the prompt - my music has stopped so will delete now! Glad you like the guest blog!!

Maureen said...

Ali, one more thing, have you been finding your blog slow to download when you log on ? mine was until I deleted the music link after it expired, it was ok again after I did that. Also I have noticed that your blog now takes ages for me to get it all up, don't know if anyone else is finding that too, could all be to do with the link.

Ali said...

Mo - Golly yes, I was getting so frustrated. I have deleted the music bit now and I think its all speeded up!
Thanks to you!!!!

Maureen said...

Hi Ali
I have just logged on your blog to check it out and low and behold it all downloaded in a jiffy and I notice you deleted the music link, so it was that ! glad I mentioned it now. x