Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday 20th June - My day at the plots

At last - after much waiting, my bike trailer finally arrived. Unfortunately is was minus the attachment part, so I couldn't link bike and trailer together, and on contacting the supplier I was told that they don't have the bit I needed!!
Fortunately a very nice man in Lewes near Brighton who has a shop called
had the bit I needed!! Fantastic - it was popped in the post and with me the next day - Superb

And just look at how smart it all looks - Bike & Trailer together

And with a 90litre trug you can get loads of stuff in it!

So off I went from 144 to 121, after checking all was ok on 144 and of course waterign the greenhouse - bike and trailer with me and my tools - my back was singing away as it was not having to suffer by humanly carting all that lot back and forth!

Two of the locals beat me to the plot and to the beautiful poppies that are growing wild in the pathways.
121 is finally taking shape and even has it's own sign now!
I spent all morning, hoeing, de weeding and watering. I think I have about 3/4's of my share cultivated now, which is alot more than I thought I would have done by this time, so I am very pleased with progress.

My share of the plot starts from the two raised beds and to the front of the picture below - as you can see to the back of the picture is Nigel's bit!!

I am looking after my friends little boy (aged 6) tomorrow, so we are going to plant some peas and also plant out two cucumber plants that have been in the greenhouse

So the raised bed to the left has Asaparagus,

To the Right is Strawberries &

immediately in front of the raised beds are a mixture of courgettes, marrows & butternut squash plants.

To the left of them is some mange tout & to the right of the mange tout are the tomato plants that I planted last weekend.

In front of the tomatoes and still to the right (you will have to go up a picture) are the onions that I grew from seed and under the black netting are my 2nd lot of Pak Choi.

I bought some Pak Choi seeds for my lovely Mother in Law who lives in Ferring as she has had trouble finding some - guess what - they sell them in the Trading Hut, so they will be in the post to you this weekend Mrs C!!!!

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ReapWhatYouGrow said...

This bike looks great - am very envious. It has never really occurred to me that you can put a useful trailer on the back of a bike - duh! Fantastically green - and super healthy.

Ali said...

Hi Moyra,
Yes, it's very very useful especially as both my plots are at either end of the site, so it's easy for me to cart all my bits from one to the other. i also use it for carting my harvest home despite the looks I get from the drivers!! jealous that I have a cart full of fresh veg!
it sure keeps you fit & is ultra green!