Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Garlic at last!

I was panicking a little last night, as I read somewere that if you leave your garlic in too long, it will go bad and not be any good to you. It was words like "yellowing leaves" and "rust" that had me concerned. Did my garlic have that?????

Fortunately for me that was not the case and all my garlic has come through with flying colours, all 3 varities!

Taken from the 14th November 2008.......Two visits to the Lotty today - One before work - where I carefully transplanted over 80 onions -
Half White and Half Red
I then returned and lunchtime and had to search for the garlic.
I had planted 3 varieties, but because they hadn't quite surfaced yet, it was hard to find them.
Luckily, once I have found one, the other seemed to follow as I used my outstretched hand as a "how far apart" guide!!
I managed to find them all, and only damaged two cloves - I found it amazing that the roots were so long! One of them had roots of at least 3 inches!
After safely trans planting them all.....

Some of you will remember my eviction from plot 142 by my nasty neighbour! Ha - not defeated and I have loads of lovely garlic - must read up on how to plait them.

This is a picture of my hops which is climbing up the string well - it will soon be up to the fencing and providing some screening.

And these little cuties are my 2nd lot of Pak Choi that have replaced the delicious Spring Greens that Hubby & I have now devoured - mental note to self - grow lots of spring greens next year!

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ReapWhatYouGrow said...

Hi Ali
Looks great - enjoy plaiting! Nothing like the satisfaction of your own plaited garlic string in the kitchen. Remember the stripy Tshirt and the beret!

I have a friend at work who has an allotment at Westmead. He has got brambles on it at the moment and would pay someone to clear them. Do you think Nigel or Derek would be interested? I have been meaning to ask, but haven't seen them.

Scattered Gardener said...

Well done - now I must think about pulling mine up (tho I didn't plant them until early spring, so not sure if they're ready yet - how do you tell?)
Loved your sunflower pic too - I heard from a couple of Facebook friends in the borough that theirs have all bloomed this week too. Does it seem early in the season for them? Not that I'm complaining...

Ali said...

Thanks for your comments - always welcome.
Moyra - yes will remember the fancy dress! don't know if Nigel or Derek would be interested - you will have to ask them - they are always around at the weekend.
Scattered - I planted my garlic last Novemeber so don'w know if yours will be ready for a while - the leaves have to be 1/3rd yellowing before you pull them up if that's any help. re: sunflowers - yes it is very early and this is the only one that has flowered so far - but the others look ready to pop!!!

commoner said...

Most people I've spoken to regard garlic rust as a nuisance in that it can result in small bulbs, but it's not bad for humans! I've certainly not noticed any ill effects after eating last year's bulbs. Anyway, the rust fungus is probably a lot less harmful than any fungicides. It doesn't appear to affect storage of dry bulbs, either.