Thursday, 14 May 2009

Going Potty (or potting on....)

Going Potty was my project of the morning, so up at 6.30, got hubby tea and toast - him out the door to work and me having my breakfast in front of the computer checking emails and twitting!

7.30 - I left for the lotty with the intention of potting on my Cherry Toms x 4 and Strawberry plants x 1o - so off I went on my trusty bike - pedalling away to beat the rain there and back.

So to start with, I potted the Cherry Toms into whale pots as my Tomato Roma's are doing so very well in the whale pots - why not use them again!

In the excellent (haha) photo below, you can see the difference in pot size.

And here is one of the 4 Cherry Tomatoes that I prepared earlier (in true Blue Peter style!)

See not only was I a girl guide, but a Blue Peter fan too - there was no stopping me in those days, and come to think of it - not much has changed!!

Next, the Strawberries.

You see, the reasoning behind this is that (a) I bought my plants a little early from the Garden Centre and (b) the rain has stopped play with the raised beds on 121, so potting on is my solution - it may not be the answer, but the fibre pots will hopefully assist in no root disturbance later on, when they go out into the big wide world, oops sorry I meant the big raised bed on Plot 121 (probably the same thing to a Strawberry plant really!!)

So, I prepared the pots (10 of them) into a tray so they can be easily moved around if needed...

I then added a used tea bag to the bottom of each pot to assist with moisture (a tip from Gardeners World TV programme) I knew there was a reason why I watched that!

I then added a little compost

And potted on the plants.....

Not a great photo as it was taken by my phone - but you can see I have green strawberries already! Wow!
That's my one that is - can't wait!!
The aim is to grow them (obviously) with lots of love and TLC and then eat them all before I get home - lucky I have some sugar in my shed (girl guiding comes in handy - be prepared and all that dib dib dib)
Just made it home for 9am in time to start work
(just in case the boss is reading this)


João Soares said...

Ola (hello in Portuguese) Ali
I am very glad to find your place and your farm yard.Keep the good work. Love read some posts.
Abraços* Hugs
João Soares, Portugal

Ali said...

Ola Joao in Portugal,
thank you for enjoying my allotment blog.
Do you grow vegetables in Portugal?
Ali :0)