Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter Weekend - Digging it!

I am thrilled that my lovely Hubby Ian wants a bit of my plot to grow his own in.
However he said that this year I can use his "bit" to put my unaccounted from Maincrop potatoes in as I thought I only had one lot, but in fact I have two lots, so now I have the extra room.
So I got my spade out and got digging. The roots were MASSIVE but I was determined to do this little patch of plot by the end of the early morning, so I dug and dug and dug from 8am to 9.30am one morning, went home for a cuppa and a chat, and then back to the lotty for more work.

One interesting thing to note is that I have heard that there are a lot of cultivation orders that have been sent by the Council to plot holders - so if they don't have more than 70% of their plot cultivated, they have to give it up. They each have 28 days to make amends. I suppose it makes sense as we have such a big/long waiting list!

Above and below, you can see that I have been brave, and taken the bell cloches from the Hops plants (Prima Donna). I have put their strings in place and gently coaxed their little stems around the string to hopefully persuade it in the right direction.

And this is my lovely Hubby, who came down later in the day to try to fix my newly purchased Automatic louvre vent opener for me. However, without the manufacturers providing the right bits and bobs, it proved a little more difficult than the instructions had promised, so I am back to "manual" opening, until items are purchased to ensure the correct fixing.