Sunday, 5 April 2009

Crossing the T's and dotting the I's

Today started at 11am Lotty time - I was up way before then, but had house chores to do before I was allowed out, including cooking a "cooked" breakfast of duck eggs and bacon. A good start to the day I say!

So off I went with a bag full of bits and pieces including my Roses tin (emptied at Christmas) full of seeds, come pots & hubby's ryboi drill - yes, I was going to attempt to put up the greenhouse staging that came with the purchase.

Was I mad? What was I thinking!!! I was planning a lovely and peacefull day and what did I get? An almost unladylike session of f'ings and blindings as the screws supplied were not long enough and the instructions were YES YOU'VE GUESSED IT - WRITTEN IN JAPANESE which looked like English but came across as Spanish - oh boy. So I had to screw in the screws at a diagonal, and even then, some of them didn't take 1st go, 2nd go or even 3rd go. I did however manage to get the staging together and whilst it looked solid, it rocked like a baby.

In the greenhouse it went. Out it came. In the shed it went. Out it came. Into the greenhouse again but still felt insecure, until Brian, my neighbour from 143 came along with some wire. He expertly slid the wire behind one of the GH uprights, round the leg of the staging, little twist here, another one there and bingo - it felt safer. Same again to the other leg and Hey Presto - it's more acceptable as a unit of GH staging, but not as good as the one my lovely Mother in Law gave me. Phew!

So that was the staging sorted - it only took me 2 hours! Ha Ha. Next was a nice cup of Co-op tea, made by my trusty camping stove - black one sugar - in my new mug! Do you like it? Very appropriate I thought when I saw it online. I then emailed the link to our hut manager Nigel, who immediately ordered some in for the Trading Hut. I think its fab.

After being refreshed, it was a quick trip to the lotty loo and then on to the Trading Hut for a sack of John Innes No.2 which Arthur kindly delivered straight to the doors of my GH.

Next was not putting up the clock, but more so putting a battery in it. Hubby Ian put it up yesterday whilst putting up the shelves in the shed and my shed door knocker (sorry forgot pictures of them) so I luckily for me remembered the battery today. After skillfully inserting it the right why round I then potted some herbs bought from B&Q (Corriander, Parsley, Sage & Thyme) into my herb troughs which are now alongside the GH beside the path.

It's Lotty Time!!
And finally the "Trespassers will be composted" sign was erected above the shed door. Thanks Mo for letting me copying your idea - had lots of comments so far already!

On top of that I planted some girly plants by the gate which my plot is next to, to make it look more welcoming, checked on the hops and sunflowers in cloches to make sure they were not dried out, weeded the onion, garlic & broad bean beds, planted some beetroot seeds outside as an experiement to see if they will germinate so early on, tidied up my shed which I am determined to keep neat and tidy, & watered the greenhouse seedlings.
All in all a good weekends work!

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maureen said...

It's all looking great Ali. The sign is looking good I'm glad you did that, it's nice to have a bit of humour on site isn't it ?
Have a great week.
Maureen :)