Sunday, 15 March 2009

Up they go!!!!!!

Once again, thanks to the Mulligan boys, up the shed goes!

Piecing it together


The final inspection by Nigel......

.....whilst Joe & Chris (plot 94a) gets on with the greenhouse

MMMMMMmmm I think that that bit goes there and this bit goes......

Mmmmm is that bit right?

Yes of course it is - silly me.....

And there they stand side by side.......

Me and the lovely Mulligan boys who helped me again, along with their Dad.

Work started at 8am. Joe and I tirelessly worked through the day, me only stopping for the Mayors arrival at 2pm (see

Ian popped in here and there and went to Reigate to collect further workers aka the Mulligan boys!

The shed went up relatively easy, well it was compared to the Greenhouse which was a Krypton Factor special. Thanks to Chris & Joe's heads together the base was quickly put together and even "trenched" in - again with Chris's refined digging skills.

We eventually got the whole frame up and all the little rubber window bits fitted, but we gave up due to sheer exhaustion, before the polycarbonate glazing went on.

We have decided to leave that for another day.

All the galzing is now in my garage and I am slowly tackling the mensa style instructions. 2 days later and after numerous cups of tea and loads of head scratching I have finally solved it - it was the same feeling you get when you solve a rubiks cube - yes it was that thrilling. The end decision is that it all needs to get taken back to site and put together there and then. I have also read on the www that it's best to silicone all the panels in once in place as they can take take flight in a high wind.

That wouldn't do now would it!!

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Rachael said...

Well done - there'll be no stopping you now, just in time for spring sowing!