Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Giving them another chance.........

..........Only one mind you!

Yes - it's those carrots again - I have re sown Nantes and Amsterdam.I have put them in pretty much the same place as they were before - in between the onion sets.This time I made a small trench and made sure it was stone free.I then filled the trench with compost and broadcast the seed from top to bottom.

After watering in, I covered the seeds with a little more compost and marked the row.
So I now have a row of Nantes (according to the packet they are "easy to grow") and a row of Amsterdam - you never know, I might get some Tulips instead!

Still, it can't be worse that the last attempt, or could it?

I have asked around - Brenda a lady with a plot in the dip who can grow the most enormous calabrese, can't grow carrots. Mavis, my plot neighbour and vegetable growing expert, can't grow carrots, and I have just read that my latest hero - Mr Valentine Low (One man and his dig) and his wife have tried every method possible, and can't grow carrots. In fact, I think he mentioned something about the fact that hiring a limo and going to Fortnum & Mason's to buy some of their carrots would have been cheaper than what they had spent on all their efforts, not to mention seeds!

I think I will have to have a wander around Stanley Road Allotments this evening to ask anyone willing to stop for a chat, if they can grow carrots - so I'll be around 3 hours then as most people stop for a chat!!

This could be the great carrot growing mystery?

Who grows them and WHERE do they grow if the supermarkets are full of them?
As promised from the last post - these are the pictures of Susan's lovely new vegetable identification signs - just in casee - and yes - she can grow carrots !

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