Sunday, 1 June 2008

Lotty withdrawal symptoms.....

With all this rain and with a MANIC week at work - there were two obstacles in the way for me to get the lotty and I was suffering - BIG time. I felt wierd, like something was missing from my life! I had to make do with reading my vegetable growing books. How sad.

I worked 10-12 hour days and the weather only seemed to be sunny in the mornings. Depressing.

By Friday I had had enough - at 6pm on the dot, I donned my gardening attire, grabbed my trug and raced down the lotty as fast as my own two feet could carry me.

I couldn't believe my eyes on arrival - my lotty hero Derek had heard (or had it been mentioned by another lotty hero ?) that I would need another bean wigwam as I had been given Cobra beans by Jamaican George, and low and behold, Derek & his trusty spade had cleared me an area big enough. All I had to do was de-root it, which I did with gusto.

I then found some old small branches and placed them around to match the Runner Bean wigwam. The sign that I bought in Sainsburys which was inteded for my pumpkin / courgette bed was placed in this bed as it seemed to make a nice fininshing touch.

So, something small acheived for this week at last.

I also thinned down my runner beans as according to lotty wisedom, I had too many plants round a cane. The extra's I popped back into the ground in a clump just outside the wood edging and will put a sign next to these - Free to a good home.

Today is Sunday 1st June and I woke up to rain. However it does look as though it is brightening up and the forecast says that we will have sunny spells later, so I am off to the lotty shop now to purchase some 8 ft canes and a tall man!

I would also like to clear a small area to put my tomato grow bags down, and plant my "normal" tomatoes into. My Marmande & Cercise are doing very well indeed and I even know what to do with the side shoots - thanks to Mavis!

Will update later......


jeanie oliver said...

HI Ali,
have enjoyed catching up with you. we have had perfect days. Rain in the mornings and sun all day. We are getting ready to cut hay in the pastures. My scarecrow is still naked as a jaybird, but she's first on the list tomorrow. Her outfit is laying out by the back door. My garden is coming along nicely but I have a new rabbit. Poor Rebel is worn out everynight from chasing and barking. My big project today was to put out my nasturtiums all around my tomatoes and beans.
talk to you later

Boudicca said...

Hi Ali

I'm growing Cobra climbing beans too - no idea what they'll be like though! Please tell Dr Doom that he looks REALLY scary in the picture...