Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Kermit is rescued!

This is Kermit

I found him, a little disorientated, hanging around close to the bonfire that Carl was tending on the far side of the lotty. He was all dry and covered in mud.

Carl found me an old container, so off we went - away - far away from the fire!

I walked Kermit over to the only pond I knew of on the lotty - Adrians' pond

Here he is - ready to get out of the tub and into the pond!

And here he is on the side of the pond

It didn't take alot of persuasion to talk him into getting into the pond!

Ah - a happy ending.......

After all this excitement, I did get to plot 144 and made a start on the clearing up. I spent an hour digging. There are soooooo many roots it's unbelievable.

I am returning this afternoon for a marathon 4 hours as I am off this week!

This is what has been dug so far - it's about 1.5 sq ft - it's a start!


RHIANNON said...

Hi Ali,
I like your new livestock. He is a chunky toad I think rather than a frog. Either way they like to chomp on slugs etc, I wish I had such a visitor to our patch.
Our scarecrow has cried his eye out because tattie has so many new friends he thinks he may have been forgotten. He is up against some stiff competition at our site scarecrows appearing everywhere at the moment.We need to check them out properly.
Take care, Rhi.

jeanie oliver said...

Hi Ali,
I borrowed your idea of listing everything that you have planted for one of my posts. Love the slideshow of the scarecrows.
We are having a lovely American Arkansan week. I have almost reclaimed a whole rose bed. Planted 5 new roses in the last few days.

Johnhson said...

You big softie, Ali!

Keep up the good work,

John from allotment.org.uk