Sunday, 4 May 2008

Half decent weather for a Bank Holiday.....

I woke up to a sunny morning - could I be seeing things? Was the sun really out???? YES - WOW - AMAZING - the question was, would it last?

It was Saturday morning so I ran down to the Lotty shop for some supplies, brassica collars, organic slug pellets and some seaweed extract plant feed, which I was told is a "must have."

I was told to put 1 cap to a gallon - but my watering can is in litres, so the next 15 minutes was spent by all in earshot, converting litres to gallons or gallons to litres. Once that was done I was all set.

I poodled down to my plot, where I was only planning on spending a few minutes as we had planned a trip to Ferring to go and see the ARMCHAIR GARDENER & Co.

I quickly applied the brassica collars to the brussels and broccoli - and very smart they looked too! I then watered the pumpkins and courgettes and replaced their cloches, checked on the peppers and chilli's under the polytunnel and headed home.
1 hour and 20 minutes later and we were in Ferring.

My lovely mother in law gave me another 2 scarecrows - Daisy & Mo which are perfect - just perfect.

Here she is with Biz & Letty the most adorable whippets in the world and much loved

I put them - Daisy & Mo, not Biz & Letty, in my potato plot as soon as I got back. That was, I should say, after the most lovely beef bourguignon lunch with wine and cheese & biscuits and strawberries and cream - yummy.

I spent 1 hour + down at the Lotty that evening - which was lovely in the last of the sunshine for that day. I did a lot of weeding in bed one and made a small start on weeding bed 2 which I plan to continue on Sunday 3rd. I had a lovely cuppa with Mavis and a good chat too - a well deserved break for us both.


Eddie 2-Sox said...

Daisy & Mo look fab! Don't suppose one of them would fancy a holiday in Norfolk?

Eddie 2-Sox said...

I added your site to my blog, hope you don't mind? If you do I'll remove it....

jeanie oliver said...

Hi Ali, from America,
we worked on tilling up my small plot for my veggies. my flower beds are bursting with phlox, purple and orange. i planted beans, pumpkins, squash, and tomatoes. It's fun to stay in touch.
Jeanie Oliver

Ali said...

Hey Jeanie,
Nice to hear from you again. Let me know how your plants get on. We are lucky to be having a "warm" spell of around 22degrees this week, so it is very much needed after all the rain we have had.
Yes it's fun to stay in touch.
"hello" from Surrey, England :)

Ali said...

Hi Eddie2-sox
I think Daisy and Mo need a rest as they have just travelled up from Ferring - sorry.
If I come across any of their cousins I will let you know & send them up to you in Norfolk.
Re: putting my site on your blog - thanks a million - I consider it an honour!
Keep up the good work.
Ali :)