Sunday, 6 April 2008

Stanley Road Allotment in the snow

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As you can see - I went to the lotty today to take some photos.
Whilst there I found that the shop was open, so I popped in to take my first ever look. Well I can tell you it was like finding a goldmine! They have everything that you need right there and can even get you in things that they haven't got. The men in there were a right friendly bunch too, and were happy to pass on a tip or two & advise me on this and that, the ups and downs and the whys and wherefores of life on the allotment. Once of them even started to discuss the amounts of layers of clothing he had on that day!!(due to the snow of course)
I bought some compost which the shop keeper (Nigel?) said he would keep on another plot until one day in the week, growmore and the find of all finds - some rafia for Tatty Bogie Gumps hair!
By one o'clock the snow had stopped falling so I went back to the lotty and took all 3 covers of off my beds. I raked them all and even put some of the soil from Bed 2 into Bed 3 to even them up.
That's it now - they are all covered over again and are now ready for planting - we just need come nicer weather now!

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