Monday, 21 April 2008

Is SPRING finally here?????

What a lovely afternoon we had here in Carshalton in Surrey. Mind you I do say afternoon as a matter of fact, because the morning was cold and overcast and very gloomy. Still, at around 1pm the sun start to push its way through the clouds, so I decided to fill up my wheelbarrow and go down to Plot 142.

The first thing I did was to make a cup of tea with my brand new Campingaz stove and 1ltr kettle that Hubby Ian bought me from a camping shop on Friday. What a treat to have a steaming hot mug of tea, instead of a half luke warm one from a flask! As you can see, I drink my tea black because I have a lactose intolerance, but I still took a small bottle of milk with me just in case a fellow allotmenteer took me up on the offer of a cuppa!

I then had the strength to carry on. That was of course after a chit chat with my neighbour who has a plot 2 away from me - her name is Olga and she is from Russia, a lovely lady who is very enthusiastic - yes she has to be as she and her husband have taken on 2.5 plots! Then my neighbour Susan popped down to check on her beds and again I stayed chatting for another while! I finally go on with sowing my lettuces in between my sprouts and my rocket seeds in between the brocolli - or that could be the other way around!

I then planted Nasturtiums - 20 0f them, around the outside edge as you can see in this picture, so when the bed is more matured in a few weeks time it's going to look FAB!


jeanie oliver said...

Hi there,
I found your site by accident and have enjoyed watching your garden adventures. I live in the Ozarks in Salem, Arkansas, USA. It's amazing though how growing things is no different in other parts of the world. Except that I have hundreds of acres to grow anything. I am mostly a flower girl. I thought you might enjoy a comment.
Jeanie Oliver

Ali said...

Thanks Jeanie for your lovely comment. It's always nice to get them. I hope you keep on reading my blog if you enjoyed it. Please pass it on to all your friends who may be interested too! I would love for my blog to go around the world!
Thanks again.

jeanie oliver said...

I see that you planted "courgettes" in your plot. Here in Arkansas,USA, we call them zucchini. I grow them because I adore the beautiful flowers and the vines are ground cover! Eating them is secondary.

Ali said...

Yes, they are beautiful plants in their own right, but the zucchini / courgette fruit themselves are LOVELY - especially stuffed! Yummy.